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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2017

basketballFYI 2017 Association Meetings Scheduled
The Tinker Officials Association meet on Mondays (began August 28) lasting thru October 16. Meetings are held at the Metro Technology Center located at 4901 S Bryant Ave, Oklahoma City, OK. Meetings start promptly at 6:00pm and end at 7:30pm.

Agenda for association meetings can be found at Mondays Agendas page.


Announcement 2017-18 NFHS Basketball Changes
Rules changes have been published and you need to know them so that you may incorporate them into your summer/fall calling so that you are prepared for the next season. NFHS is publishing all its' news and announcement on ArbitorSports web site. Be sure to check out the NFHS Basketball Rules Changes and Points of Emphasis.

AnnouncementSaturday Training - Oct 14
Our last TOA training class will be at the Academy of Classical Christian Studies, 1120 E Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City. Be getting ready to get on the court because the school games will start soon. A strong class of officials this year, be looking for good things to come from these officials.

Intermediate/Advanced class will not meet. We will be doing scrimmages beginning Nov 7, look for details to follow.

basketballFYI Summer Months
The spring/summer months are not necessarily a break from basketball. There is almost something going on all spring/summer for the basketball official. Be looking for June to be summer leagues at area high schools, camps are offered during June and July, AAU and MAYB tournaments happening, and there is some type of basketball league going on somewhere. Great venues to get court time to help build your skills. These games during these months are normally the responsibility of the official to make contact with different people who are looking for officials. If you are wanting to officiate, there is usually a place to work. Any questions, contact Sarge.