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About TOA

The Tinker Officials Association (TOA) was originally formed to give military members from Tinker Air Force Base the opportunity to officiate basketball in the Oklahoma City area. Utilizing mid-high and junior varsity schedules, officials were trained and taught local basketball rules. The overall goal was to prepare the official for high school varsity basketball. As TOA evolved, it has maintained a focus on the importance of proper training in rules knowledge, mechanics and floor coverage.

Today, TOA is made up of basketball officials of all levels, from the beginner thru the college level, as well as officials who have retired and are giving back to the profession. Most of the membership is made up of officials from Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. TOA is an association focused on the sport of basketball only, and thus all topics discussed at it's meeting are relevant to the game of basketball, primarily using the guidelines published by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). TOA takes pride in it's training of basketball officials and helps the official to reach whatever level they hope to achieve.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Tinker Officials Association is to provide a forum which will maximize the potential of its members. TOA will teach and interpret rules, instruct floor coverage and mechanics, and mentor at all levels. TOA aspires to help its members to develop philosophies consistent with the level of basketball play they may be officiating. TOA will further establish and maintain high standards, and render officiating service to schools participating in basketball by promoting congenial working relationships with the school and/or institution participating in the sport.