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You just moved here...

You’re new to the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, you have officiated basketball in your previous location and you want to continue to officiate but have questions on how to get “plugged-in”. You have questions and don’t know what to expect come basketball season. Questions such as:

What are requirements for officiating in Oklahoma?
Who do I contact to get scheduled for games?
Are there local associations that I should join, and when/where do they meet?
I called varsity and state tournaments where I moved from, what can I expect?

In Oklahoma, to call varsity and sub-varsity games for schools an official must be registered with the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA). Yearly registration fee, attending state rules meeting and passing Part 1 of a test is required. Registration form must be printed from OSSAA’s website, completed and mailed in. They will assign an id number (much like an SSN) and send you a packet with NFHS rules & case books, Part 1 test and other information. Registration dates for the different sports, fees and mailing information can be found on the registration form. Complete it and mail it in.

OSSAA also has contact information about local associations throughout the state. There are different associations in the Oklahoma City area to choose from. Contact them, find out what they offer, when they meet and start getting networked. Attending those meetings will help prepare the official for the upcoming season. Since you found this website, check out the meetings and location page to get information regarding Tinker Officials Association.

Scheduling of basketball games are done different ways, depending what level (class) you want to call and the schools that play basketball. The OSSAA schedules officials only for playoffs and state tournament games for all classes. Some associations will schedule games, some schools will schedule their own, and there are individuals who will schedule for the schools or conferences. In the Oklahoma City area, the majority of Jr High through varsity games are scheduled by certain individuals who can be found at the associations… thus you need to go to association meetings and seek those individuals.

Realize that you may be an “unknown” in the area, so working scrimmages or summer leagues will help get you seen and let you work with other officials established in this area. The high school summer leagues are usually the month of June, and offer plenty of opportunities to present yourself. Scrimmages are normally in October and November. Remember, it’s up to you to start networking or contacting individuals for more information. Recommendations from other officials are always a plus, but most schedulers will not assign varsity games until they see you work or know how you handle situations. Something that can help, bring letters-of-recommendation from your previous local and/or state association. That could easily validate your experience and training. Think of applying for a job, how are you going to present yourself so that an employer will hire you? Same principle could work here.