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2017 Training Class includes over 40 individuals, from beginner thru advanced.  Purpose of this training is to introduce, teach and train basketball officiating to those who desire to be a "better" basketball official.


Training 2017. Registration for the 2017 Training Classes is now closed. This year over 45 individuals came thru class at some time, with a good number of them attending all 8 Saturdays. That's over 32 hours of instruction. Whether a brand new official or one with any experience, all are welcomed and will find this training a friendly and positive environment.

Training is normally scheduled for 8-10 Saturdays in August thru October.  This year's training will be held at Del City Church of Christ, 1900 Vickie Dr, Del City, OK (map).

Floor training in basketball officiating is conducted by Mr. Michael Clayton. Training will be held on Saturday mornings from 10:00am-noon (August 19-October 14 at Del City Church of Christ, 1900 Vickie Dr, Del City, OK (map). Floor training covers positioning on the court, reporting to table, court breakdown, identification of primary/secondary areas of responsibility, court appearance, mechanics (NFHS), just to name a few topics. Floor training is considered an important step to successful officiating. Learning correct mechanics and floor coverage will help the official look crisp, sharp and in the right spot to make a call. Becoming familiar with floor mechanics helps the beginner to be more at-ease once they step on the court to officiate a basketball game for the very first time. Excellent instruction from one of the best in the state, take advantage of this opportunity.

Academic training in basketball officiating will be conducted by Randy Smith. Referred to as "Rules 101", this training is conducted in a friendly, classroom setting and will be held on Saturday mornings from 8:00am-10:00am (August 19-October 14) at Del City Church of Christ, 1900 Vickie Dr, Del City, OK (map).  Classes will cover an in-depth look into the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) rules book, includes the use of the case book with the rules book and include discussions in managing and theory. Upon completion of training, participants should be ready to put that knowledge to practice by participating in evaluation scrimmages and basketball situations.  This class is taken in conjunction with Floor training.

Intermediate/Advanced training is geared toward officials that primarily have junior varsity and below assignments, or at least 2 years experience, and officials aspiring to reach the varsity high school level. This training will be from 8:00am-noon (August 19-October 14) at Del City Church of Christ, 1900 Vickie Dr, Del City, OK (map). Led by Mitchell Owen, this classroom and floor instruction is to help the official in transitioning to and improving skills at the junior varsity level as well as the varsity level. General objectives - improve perception, master signals, mechanics, proper game administration, floor positioning, primary coverage area (PCA), 2 and 3 person mechanics, and improve rules knowledge.